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“And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will with-stand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”

—Ecclesiates 4:12

Three Important Connections:

Connecting with Jesus Have you heard about him? Did you know that Jesus loves you so much that he gave his life for you? Did you know that an encounter with Him could literally change your life and your eternal destiny? If you do not know him and you desire to know more:

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Connecting with your church If you already know Jesus and are a true follower, are you connected with a local group of others who follow Jesus? If not, you need to connect with a church that teaches the Bible and will help you to grow in your faith and life. As a part of your growth process, get involved in the ministry of your church, especially helping others come to faith in Christ. Ask your pastor how your church is seeking to obey Jesus’ command to make disciples among every people. Begin to pray for a group of people who have never yet heard of Jesus.


Connect With UsConnecting with DNA Global Network We believe that every follower of Jesus has an important role to play in His plan. If you connect with us, we will help you to connect with the latest research and also help you to fuel your passion and your church’s efforts with facts. We will also do our best to connect you with the larger community of believers around the world. Jesus left us a task so breathtaking in the Great Commission that it requires us to work together with believers around the world. This Great Commission task is the very reason that DNA Global Network exists. Part of our mission is to help the global community of Jesus’ followers to connect with one another so effectively that we actively pursue the completion of the task Jesus left us in our lifetimes.

Imagine . . . in your lifetime, having a part in taking the gospel to the last people group on planet earth who have never yet heard of Jesus! Every human being should have the right to hear about Jesus, the source of eternal life, and have the opportunity to have a relationship with Him. This is the greatest cause of all. [Volunteer]    [Discover]    [Explore]

Speaker Bureau:

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         Dr. Michael Loftis

     President, DNA Global Network

Speaker/Consultant/Mentor/Missions Leader

Michael’s passion for unreached peoples and strategic partnership with the global church has led him to travel and minister in over 120 nations of the world. He is known for casting a God-sized vision and making that very personal as he opens the Word of God and brings it to life by sharing amazing true stories of God at work around the world. He is committed to helping people connect with God’s purpose for their lives, especially the emerging generation of leaders.

Michael’s Info:

Travels From: Atlanta, GA

Preferred Audiences: Mission Conferences, Sunday Morning Worship, Men’s Conferences, Leadership Conferences

Speaking Topics: The Gospel According to Ruth (Series) * The Mystery of God’s Call (Series) * The Great Commission to the Power of 5 * Living by Divine Appointments * Breaking the Cultural Code * Finishing by Faith * The Marks of the Master * Beyond Fellowship (Series) * Eternity (Series) * Building Battle Ready Men * Living on the Cutting Edge of the Harvest * Endurance: It’s How You Finish



Speaker Bio:

Sometimes called a “master storyteller,” Michael has had the rare opportunity to travel and minister in over 120 nations.  Raised in the home of a missionary church planter in Jamaica, Michael grew up understanding what it is like to live in a community as a minority student. Along with his life experience, his early exposure to different languages gave him a passion to communicate with people in their heart language and motivated his study of several languages over the past 30 years in cross-cultural ministry. He received a B.A. from Tennessee Temple University, an M.R.E., M.Div., and a D.R.E. from Temple Baptist Seminary, and an Hon. D.D. from Baptist Bible Seminary.

Michael served in several pastoral roles in four churches in the USA, and helped to found and lead an international church in Budapest, Hungary. He also served as a college and seminary professor for ten years prior to serving internationally. As a missionary leader, Michael has been known for establishing trusted relationships with local church leaders in each country and mobilizing a team of missionaries to partner with those leaders to fulfill their mutual vision. He and Jo Beth have served in missions for 30 years in many roles including executive and CEO roles at three different mission organizations.  Michael has served on several ministry and educational boards and is a trusted advisor to ministry leaders and international organizations.

Michael and his wife, Jo Beth, ministered as a family and raised three children while living in three countries in central Europe. They are the proud grandparents of three active grandchildren.


What others are saying:

“Recently our congregation was blessed to have Michael and Jo Beth with us for a World Missions Sunday. My prayer was that the Lord would use them to help us see the world more clearly as He sees it. He used them both to answer that request. They are gifted and gracious servants of Christ that the Lord is using to help His church fulfill its mission.” —Pastor Brad Brandt, Wheelersburg Baptist Church, Wheelersburg, OH

“Dr. Loftis has a unique ability to take God’s word and draw out an application that melds perfectly with the conference topic. He brings a wealth of experiences that only adds to the practical application of God’s Word. He is genuinely concerned for God’s church and looking for ways that he and Jo Beth can build into the next generation for the glory of God.” —Dave Dykema, First Baptist Church, Rochester, MI

“I have been in the ministry for over 25 years and have worked with many excellent people of God, some of them well-known internationally. Only one or two, if any, come close to my friend and mentor, Dr. Michael Loftis, in terms of the impact, influence and lasting fruit in Kingdom work. When I think about what makes him and his ministry so uniquely effective in this part of the world, I would say it is a unique combination of his deep Biblical knowledge, passionate heart, contagious relationship with the Lord, Kingdom perspective, skills and experience and godly character. If you combine these with the Holy Spirit’s power, there is a little wonder that people are being transformed. Several of our key lead-ers made major life commitments to God’s purposes after hearing Dr. Loftis speak.” —Josef Pavlinak, Director, Integrity Life, Czech Republic

              Jo Beth Loftis


Raised in a small town in south central Kansas, Jo Beth once dreamed of traveling the world.  She has now seen that dream come true as she has traveled to over 80 countries.  She is known for her passion for worship, family, and encouraging women in all walks of life.

Jo Beth’s Info:

Travels From:  Atlanta, GA

Preferred Audiences: Mission Conferences, Ladies’ Meetings

Speaking Topics: * Women of Courage * Songs from a Worshipper’s Heart (Psalms) * She Has Done What She Could,  *Seaglass Legacies -What God makes of Broken Pieces, *What Shall We Do with our Hands

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Speaker Bio:

While she is appreciated for her public role at her husband’s side or as a speaker/musician, Jo Beth often prefers to sit quietly with a cup of tea and listen to the life stories of missionaries or international women and offer them her prayers and encouragement.

With 40 years of ministry experience alongside her husband, Michael, Jo Beth has served in a wide variety of roles and cultures: missionary, pastor’s wife, writer/editor, worship coordinator, spiritual counselor, coordinator of member care to missionary women. She received a B.A. in English and Secondary Education, along with further master’s level studies in Christian Education and Counseling. Jo Beth is also a former college English teacher, piano teacher, and  pianist/worship leader.  Her most cherished roles are  wife,  mother of three adult children, and grandmother of three adorable grandchildren.

What others are saying:

I am delighted to recommend Jo Beth Loftis’ ministry to women. I have watched her through the years work with individual women and we have used her recently to speak to the women of Grace Baptist Church. She uses the Word of God effectively and speaks with grace and tenderness. she will minister to the hearts of young women and mature women alike. I consider her as a dear friend and value her gifts of listening and counseling with the obvious blessing of God. –Jessie Sandberg, Author, Retired Women’s Ministry Director, Grace Baptist Church

Jo Beth Loftis is a gracious, gifted, genuinely godly woman. She is global in experience and perspective and cross-generational in being able to touch the souls of women. She not only has the ability to relate to women in many different cultures and circumstances, but she has a deep understanding of the heart of women who serve in ministry. She is a talented pianist, my “girlfriend” since college and a highly qualified shopper. Women will benefit greatly from spending time with her, hearing her speak and listening to her rich insight and application of God’s truth. –Pearl Phillips, B.A., M.M., Director of Women’s Ministries, Calvary Baptist Church