African Mission Celebration

African Mission Celebration

Michael recently returned from Kenya and Uganda, where he heard testimonies of believers in Christ from neighboring countries who have been severely persecuted–some losing their homes, their churches, and even their lives for the cause of Christ.  While there, we shared alongside our ministry partners from Davar in the dedication and celebration  the release of the first complete audio Bible in the Somali language, spoken by some 20 million people, the majority of whom are considered oral.  Oral people either cannot, do not, or prefer not to communicate via written text.  Rather the spoken word in story form is much more powerful and fitting in their history and culture.

Two days later we flew to Uganda to dedicate the first complete Bible in the Luganda language, spoken by approximately 8 million people.  The King of Buganda sent his representative, who said, “it has taken 146 years to make God’s Word available to all our people.  Let us hope it will not take that long to get it to the other 32 languages spoken in Uganda.”

It was a wonderful privilege to meet and greet the leaders of many local church ministries as well as international ministries in both Kenya and Uganda.  All were very enthusiastic about the potential impact of God’s Word now being available in a spoken format on solar-powered Audibibles produced by Davar Partners International out of Israel and South Africa.  We were also able to share in the first training sessions of Interactive Bible Discovery for oral learners which combines the best principles of oral learning and storytelling with audio Scripture.

Join us in prayer for the oral peoples of Somalia and Uganda that they might now be able to hear and engage directly with God’s Word for the first time.   Contact us if you are interested in partnering with DNA Global to get the Word out to oral people in audio form.  –Michael Loftis


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