October 30, 2016, we shared the privilege of celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Rozsakert Baptist Church in Budapest, Hungary.  Dr. Geza Kovacs–scientist, church-planter, partner–remembers our partnership that began 30 years ago.  As it turned out, by the testimony of a number of national leaders who attended the celebration, Geza’s courage to start something new coincided precisely with God’s timing to see many new churches planted all across this nation of 10 million in the heart of Central Europe.  Although it was difficult, trying, and required many sacrifices from Geza and his family and the early founders, now Rozsakert (Hungarian for Rosegarden) Baptist Church is regularly filled with people from the community all around it.  There were many naysayers who doubted that it could be done or should be done and many wrote it off as a experiment that would likely fail.  By all accounts, not only did this church plant succeed, but it became an example to many others throughout the country.  New churches were not only possible but very necessary in order to reach a new generation of people who had only known the traditions of the past.  One leader from the Evangelical Alliance of Hungary stated, “Because of Geza’s courage and willingness to step out by faith, hundreds of new churches have been planted and thousands of new believers have come to faith in Christ over the past 25 years.”  In Geza’s words, “May all the glory go to Jesus Christ, the Cornerstone and Chief Shepherd of the church.”

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