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Perhaps you are an explorer at heart. You already pray. You already give. But you want to do something more. As you think of those who have never heard, you want to go there, assess the situation, see, hear, smell, touch, taste the reality on the ground. Then you want to tell others what you have discovered. Let us know your desire. We may be able to include you on the next survey trip with our director (who also happens to be an explorer at heart!)

At DNA Global Network, we are serious about engaging unreached and unengaged people groups with the Gospel. We are seeking to bring about day-by-day personal encounters among these people groups in their own language and culture with the long-term intent of establishing a stable congregation of believers who follow Jesus. This means that we, along with our partners, will not consider that a visiting team, a prayer adoption, or a summer evangelism outreach would qualify as an engagement.

  • Pray for a people group
  • Support a partner
  • Challenge your circle of influence/friend
  • Conduct focused research on a particular unreached/unengaged people group (UUPG)
  • Take a vision/survey trip with a purpose (travel with the director)
  • Share your findings/photos, vision with others


Don’t stop until you achieve specific results:

  • Get a portion of Scripture translated and available in the language
  • Make oral Bible portions available through accessible means (Jesus Film, Gospel Recordings)
  • Help get a disciplemaker who knows the language/culture living among the UUPG
  • Facilitate a stable church becoming established within the UUPG
  • Get a commitment from your church to adopt a UUPG and stay with it
  • Get a commitment from a mission agency to commit people and resources to a specific UUPG
  • Find a creative access into a UUPG that will do no harm to the adopted people group and also will not compromise the integrity of the Gospel

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