God answered years of prayer by two daughters in one Czech family recently when their mother, Maria, came to faith in Christ. Michael baptized Maja four years ago and prayed with her for her family to receive Christ. A little over a year later, her sister Terka, who in her own words had been very anti-Christian, chose to follow Christ. This year, during our week of teaching on the book of Ruth, following one session in which we were talking about the turning points of life, Maja came up in tears and showed us a text on her phone. The text simply read in Czech language, “I believe. –Mom”

Maria came to visit her daughters at the conference location on Saturday and at the end of the baptism of 13 recent converts, the leader, Zdenek, rhetorically asked, “Is there anyone else?” At that moment the entire crowd was momentarily silenced when Maria slipped off her shoes and stepped into the lake to be baptized. After a few moments of confusion and her clear testimony of faith in Christ, Maria was baptized. She later told us, “I was just waiting for my opportunity to be invited. Once he asked that question, I knew that was my moment to be baptized.” Enjoy watching this amazing sequence of events.

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