On the eve of the new year we boarded an overnight flight to Amsterdam, then spent the remainder of New Year’s Day traveling to Brno, Czech Republic.  We were privileged to spend the next several days advising the board and leadership team of Integrity Life, our Czech partners working among university students.

This partnership spans over 20 years.  Together with these dedicated discipleship teams, we have taught the Bible and conducted training seminars, besides serving on their board.  Many young men and women are coming to Christ through the creative and intentional outreach efforts of the Integrity Life teams.

One added journey stop was a weekend in Prague. There we spent two days with the leaders of a new house church made up of young professionals who are sharing their faith among their colleagues.  New believers and grounded disciple-makers meet together twice a month to share worship, prayer, and messages from the Bible.  We appreciated their eagerness to hear Michael share Scriptural principles which they are readily applying to their daily lives.

How exciting to see the light of God’s Word illuminating the hearts of young Czech leaders!

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