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Our Mission

What is our Mission?

Our mission is to reduce the total number of the 3,100 remaining unreached and unengaged people groups to zero in our lifetime. DNA Global Network Mission

What is a “people group?”

Since 1992, missiologists have defined people groups as “… the largest possible group within which the gospel can spread as a viable church planting movement without encountering barriers of understanding or acceptance.” To date, language understanding has been the main barrier to the spread of the Gospel.

What is an “unreached people group?”

This is a group where a church planting movement does not exist because there is no indigenous church capable of reaching the whole population without cross-cultural missionary assistance.

What is an “unengaged people group?”

This is a group, where, as far as is known to researchers at present, there are no full-time Christian workers attempting to do evangelism and church planting.

This ultimately means:

  • Zero languages without the Scriptures
  • Zero oral learners without an oral Bible
  • Zero people groups without disciple-makers living among them
  • Zero villages or communities without a living church
  • Zero people who have not heard the gospel



Our Mission How do we plan to go about this?

As a movement, we will do whatever it takes. As an organization, we will use every opportunity within our means to advance the movement and mobilize individuals, churches, and partner ministry organizations to do the same. We are available to speak at conferences, conduct church consultations for evaluation and strategic missions planning, serve as personal life-coaches, conduct survey mission trips to unreached people groups, and serve our international partners however we can in pursuit of this mission.