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Tanzanian Believers Dance for Joy

Taking God’s Word to Tanzania


Last month Michael flew to Johannesburg, took a connecting flight to Dar es Salaam, followed by a dusty 7-hour bus ride to Morogoro, Tanzania, to share in a historical celebration. For the first time, as far as we know, the New Testament was…

Berlin Wall 1989

The Day the Wall Came Down -25 Year Reflections


On this day in history–9 November 1989–we were sitting in language classes in the tiny village of Staufen, West Germany.  Our language professors repeated over and over, “We never imagined we would see this!”  The infamous Berlin Wall, after three…

African Mission Celebration

God’s Spoken Word in African Languages

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Michael recently returned from Kenya and Uganda, where he heard testimonies of believers in Christ from neighboring countries who have been severely persecuted–some losing their homes, their churches, and even their lives for the cause of Christ.  While there, we…

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Our flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg, South Africa, was a 16-hour marathon crossing.  Many of our fellow passengers were apparently headed over to hunt game or visit animal parks.  As people struck up conversations around us, we could hear many…

Call2All Map

Asians Reaching Asians


Michael’s travel schedule took him on a series of quick flights to Thailand, where he joined a conference for Asian mission leaders.  Every major nation in Asia was represented by men and women who committed to adopt 8,000 people groups,…

2013-03-20 21.57.19

The Forgotten Children of India


As Jo Beth and I surveyed the area for unreached peoples, we journeyed along the road east from Calcutta deep into the delta region of the Ganges, known as the Sundarbans.  We continually drove past mile after mile of massive…

Brooklyn Bapt MJB 3-11-12



In a little over a year…. Burma to Brooklyn And many other stops in between Thanking the Lord for the privileges and mercies Encouraging His people in every place Rejoicing in His power to transform hearts Trusting Him to reveal…

1st Congregational Church

Reflections on 200 Years of American Missions Work


  Boston, MA: February 6, 2012 Just a few weeks ago, I stood on the steps of this church with missions leaders from around the globe to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the first missionaries who were commissioned in this…

Editor's Pick

Why Mentoring Younger Leaders Matters

  Gabor and Edina Gresz are very special friends and ministry colleagues with whom we recently reconnected in Budapest, Hungary.  Approximately 25 years ago, we were privileged to work together to plant a new church called Rozsakert Fellowship. We met...

A Mother Comes to Faith

Fountains, Skyscrapers & Dune Bashing

What do fountains, skyscrapers, and dune bashing have in common? Let me give you a clue:  Desert city determined to produce “bigger-and-better-than-any-other-place-on-earth” experiences for every local, every tourist, every worker.  If you guessed Dubai, you win the prize! A few...