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Prayer: The Foundation of a Movement

The prayers of God’s people have echoed around the globe for centuries. God designed that His work of reaching men, women, and children of all nations would depend on the faithful intercession of committed prayer partners. In fact, every great spiritual awakening or significant missions movement in history has been built on the foundation of prayer.

Pray for frontline workers to be able to overcome barriers of disbelief and false teaching as well as opposition from religious and political sources. Pray for believers to be able to build redemptive relationships and that doors of opportunity would open for the clear explanation of the gospel of God’s grace.

Pray for the unreached…

  • Pray for a church or mission organization to adopt this special people group and become their advocate.
  • Pray for the scriptures to become available in their heart language.
  • Pray for a believer from this group or a near-culture group to be called of God to live among them, show them the life and words of Jesus in human form and make disciples of Jesus.
  • Pray for God to open the doors for trained missionaries from other cultures to establish an evangelical church among them.

Prayer Resources: We recommend getting the latest edition (October 2010) of Operation World, edited by Jason Mandryk and follow it as you pray around the world.

Operation World


Current Prayer Requests:

  •  Pray for workers to have opportunities and creative bridges into the cultures of the 3,100 unreached and unengaged people groups without the gospel.
  • Pray for partnerships connecting the global church to the pool of multi-ethnic and multi-lingual workers who are called and gifted to be cross-cultural disciple-makers and church-planters.
  • Pray for a biblical church to be established in the 1 million villages and towns that have no church presence.
  • Pray for DNA Global Network to connect with those called by God to serve with us in various capacities: administration, training, mobilizing, exploring, evangelism


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