In-Life Summer Conference 2016.  University students–eager, bright, passionate–spending their summer conference week in the Czech countryside.  A rustic camp nestled between forest and lake.  Perfect for renewing hearts, forming friendships, changing lives.

Gathered with around 100 lively students and leaders, we mined the ancient book of Ruth for diamond-nugget principles.  Together we discovered truths and qualities buried in the diminutive text.  Eager minds soaked up the well-worn story and made applications to personal life circumstances.

Life principles  became readily apparent:

*All choices have consequences.  You can choose your choices, but you cannot control the consequences.

*Change is inevitable and unpredictable.

*Reputation goes before you, even into new situations with people you’ve never met.

*God honors generosity, especially to the poor and destitute.

*Every life has the power to influence succeeding generations.

The book of Ruth:  a lifegiver’s legacy interwoven with God’s plan for all generations. God’s purposes revealed through the Gospel message, written to all peoples of every age in every corner of the globe.

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