Gabor and Edina Gresz are very special friends and ministry colleagues with whom we recently reconnected in Budapest, Hungary.  Approximately 25 years ago, we were privileged to work together to plant a new church called Rozsakert Fellowship. We met weekly to pray, prepare Bible lessons and sermons, and lead worship.  We were also able to counsel and encourage them regarding decisions affecting their wider ministry in Hungary.  The occasion for our return was the celebration of the 25-year Anniversary of Rozsakert Baptist Church.  God has greatly used Gabor and Edina to bring many to Christ through a ministry he founded called “Youth at the Threshold of Life (YTL).”  The focus of this faith-based program is AIDS prevention among high school students based on abstinence as taught in the Bible.  Gabor is currently serving as the Hungarian National Director of The Timothy Society (an affiliate of CRU) and making plans to expand the successful YTL program internationally.  While we were certainly not the only mentors in their lives, the story of Gabor and Edina is one that shows the importance of mentoring younger leaders.  Their story also demonstrates that mentoring and developing leaders is not a solo activity.  In fact, most ministry leaders point to several different influencers at key points in their lives.  We trust you will enjoy this brief video testimony by both of them.


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